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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mean Streets?

I took yesterday off as my legs really felt shot after the 9 miler on Sunday. Recovery is nice as each run becomes a game day decision.

Today is just too nice a day not to run. I took off from USP at lunchtime and instead of turning right on Woodland I turned left, into the heart of SW Philly. Running through here I thought of how this is a place that runners warn other runners not to run in. I think this says more about the runners than the area, as I found the traffic to be much more threatening than the people. Which brought me to my next thought, that why do we as runners tend to emphasize the threat of injury from violence over the threat of injury from automobiles. I think the latter is really much more likely to happen, and is why I'd much rather ran in SW Philly than on the Main Line.

This is the first time I've run up Woodland at any time other than the early morning. The street really has a much different character at noon than at 6am. Lots more people about, and although the business area around 54th is as dead at noon as it is at 6am, the business area on 60th is surprisingly alive and seems to blend the old-style mainstreet business with a newer shopping center. One Jamaican restaurant had reggae music blaring and lunch smells filling the air.

From Woodland I went up Cobbs Creek Parkway and then back on Chester, somehow ending up on Kingsessing and taking that back to USP. I don't think I've ever been on that part of Kingsessing, even in a car.

Call it 6 miles, which was about 1-2 miles longer than I wanted to go, but I underestimated the distance of this loop. Total time was 47:26 and I now have one minute to get to a meeting.


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