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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Recovery Run

I ran home from St. V's this morning. I went over the Falls Dr.-Conshohocken Ave. hill instead of down Kelly Dr. to cut off about a mile from the course. Call it 9 miles in 74:57.

Feels good to write that, like things are getting back to normal. The run felt long and there still is alot of crud in my legs from last Monday. It felt like the last 9 miles of a 20 miler, so I paced it accordingly.

In the week or two that my running routine has lapsed the leaves have sprouted and everything is much greener. Also cloudy and cooler today - could have used these conditions a week ago. Made some turns off of my regular way home to run down 45th and 46th St. north of Haverford and through the suburban-style developments that have replaced the public housing hi-rises. Its spooky as no one has moved in yet and everything looks so shiny and new. While anything is better than those old projects, I don't know how excited I am to have the neighborhood transformed into a subdivision.


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