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Friday, April 29, 2005

"Tough" Track Workout

Tough track workout yesterday. About 5 or 6 reps of 5,000 meters, anywhere from 13:30 to oh about 16 minutes. All that running, watching it that is, really tired me out.

In that somewhat awkward attempt at humor I'm trying to say at the same time that I took yesterday off and that Penn Relays is here.

I took my mom and JD along and met KF, SD, TK and JM there, as well as seeing LG on the way out. I have also since found out that JMac and EM were there as well, and MM was supposed to be there but I never saw him. So much for initial dropping. Every year I go I get new insights into racing by watching these folks. The best races were the Olympic Development 5ks. In the womens race Amy Mortimer ran a 15:48, and I just gawked at her gorgeous stride and seemingly effortless leg turnover as she ran what amounted to a time trial. In the mens 5k, Alan Webb shared the lead with Joseph Koskei until about 200m to go when he flashed his mile speed and blew away Koskei to win in 13:30. Last 400m was in 58 seconds.

Penn Relays is always a good cure for when I think my running is hot shit - to see guys who run faster than I could ever aspire to finish dead last after being lapped by the leaders.

So back to my comparably mundane running, E and I ran another Merion loop - the same loop we ran Wednesday only out to 56th (instead of 55th) street, and put in about the same effort as we finished the six miles in 50:25. Weather was nice to run, otherwise uneventful.

E is running the Broad Street Run on Sunday, as is virtually everyone else I know in the local running community. I can't make it due to T's First Communion, but I might run a local 5k tomorrow morning provided logistics and my legs are willing.

To all reading this who are running BSR, good luck to you and I'll be checking your names out in the race results when they are posted online.


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