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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dad Vail Regatta

Ran down to the Art Museum to meet Philly Runners at 8:15. Turns out I was it. So I chugged around the Drives cranking out steady 7:30s until the last mile, when some guy passed me and I was feeling competitive enough to up my pace to keep up with him. Not bad for my legs continuing to feel like I'm logging 80+ mile weeks (I should have around 60 this week) and the Kelly Dr. path being heavily congested due to the Dad Vail Regatta.

Ended up with 8 miles of the 8.5 mile length of the Drives loop going by in 59:40. Ended up back at the Art Museum in time to chat with folks out for the 9:30 run. That's what happens when you run with mostly single 20-somethings - they been partying the night before and don't have kids. If I wait till 9:30 I don't get out to run.

Total loop, more a figure 8, was 15 miles in 1:55:43. I spent some time running this morning thinking about the days I'd first run this loop and it was an extremely daunting workout. These days were back not so long ago (say 1997-2000) when running 26.2 miles was hard to visualize and this run seemed to take forever and left me beset with blisters, bowel movements, boredom and more stuff that isn't so alliterative. Looking back, I suppose it represents a crucible of sorts, where I had to persevere through those runs and they eventually got more manageable. I suppose it helps to have people to run with, but, JG notwithstanding, most of my long runs were solo efforts and I only started to expand my social running circle after I had a few marathons under my belt.

Now running this loop (and farther) is more palatable on some days than on others, but that foreboding isn't there. That only comes nowadays before the track workouts!

I surfed a bit and found some pictures of the Drives loop, and the last one of the Dad Vail Regatta which shows the traffic I had to navigate through this morning. I lifted these pics off the web, I forgot two of the sites but the third one was off of a blog that was entertaining, and even more so because it is local and has all sorts of arcane Philly stuff. So I bookmarked it and added it to the three other blogs I check in on. One is somewhat discreet, and the others I'll work into these entries at some point.


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