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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Audible Run

I stayed up late Sunday night grading papers and then got up again early Monday morning to finish them, so I took a DNR yesterday. Grades were due in yesterday. It's reassuring that I'm willing to forego a workout to keep my job.

I planned to follow up my 8k on the track from last Tuesday this morning. When I got to the track, however, it was unrunnable due to Penn's setting up for graduation. Seems like every year I miss a track workout due to this. Some year I'll remember.

So I had to call an audible and keep going on the Art Museum loop, which I rarely run anymore, and up MLK to Montgomery Ave (no theme here, just coincidence). Took Mont straight when it became Georges Hill, then took the left fork (instead of the right) so I came out on State Road by a cool naval monument I'd never seen before in front of the Mann Center and then picked up 52nd Street around there and took that wee wee wee all the way home.

10 miles in 83:46. Beautiful morning. The streets department is resurfacing alot of streets, which is a hassle because they take the top layer off, leaving a surface that is about the texture of cobblestone. But then when they resurface it and you have that first week or so when the asphalt is still soft and its my second favorite running surface, next to boardwalk.


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