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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Live from New York. . .

it's Saturday night.

Greetings from NYC on, yes, a Saturday night. Me and M just got back from St. Mark's Place, which she loves and I'll just go and kill time in the music and comic book shops. My legs are surprisingly sore, as hanging out in the city always turns into alot of walking and time spent on my feet.

We all came up here because my mother-in-law, who came from Texas last week for T's communion and has stayed on until this Wednesday, wanted to see NYC. Coincidentally, we are staying at the same hotel, a Sheraton on 53rd and 7th Ave, that we stayed at when I ran NYC marathon last fall. There's a bit of deja vu involved with that.

We walked down 7th Ave to get to the subway station and right there in the prime commercial real estate zone was a New Balance superstore and in their display window was a mannekin wearing the same model shoe I train in, 856's.

We took my M-i-L on the Circle Line boat ride around Manhattan. Saw the Verrezano Bridge when the boat passed by the Statue of Liberty and then the Queensboro Bridge, where I first started to crash during the marathon.

Tomorrow I'm going to run the Central Park loop, all 6 miles of it. I've never done this mythical run, which I believe, run 4 times, comprised the original NYC marathon course. The hotel is a couple of blocks from Columbus Circle, where this loop starts, and just before I complete this loop I'll run across the same finish area (but in reverse direction) that I did last November. The details of this are a blur, but I'll know that I'm there after I pass Tavern on the Green. We return to Philly again tomorrow evening.

I ran in Philadelphia this morning. I wanted to meet up with the 8:15 Philly Runners group at the Art Museum although I'd have to cut the usual 8-10 mile loop they do short so I could make it back to Taney Park at 9, where T had a baseball game. So I extended my run to the Art Museum by running my Strawberry Mansion Bridge loop backwards for the first seven-plus miles, taking me through Fairmount Park and plopping me on MLK.

I left a bit late so had to boogie to make it to the Art Museum by 8:25, but the only other guy there was SK. SK is referred to as Steve #37. I recently found out the guy I had been calling S#37 is a guy everyone else calls JesuSteve for reasons I'm not sure about. There are not quite 37 Steves in Philly Runners but pretty close to it. One goal of ours is to get an all Steve team registered in some upcoming run. Anyway, SK and I got caught up and exchanged notes on our Boston experiences last month while running an Ianesque route up Lemon Hill over the river on Girard and through Fairmount to Montgomery to MLK and back to just before the Art Museum, where I turned off onto the trail to run the extra mile to Taney Park. In my rush to get to T's game (I was late as well) I forgot to turn off my watch so I don't have a time, but the total was easily 13 miles.

So after this long, rambling post I will go to bed so I can be fresh for Central Park tomorrow.


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