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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hey White Boy, What You Doin' Uptown?

As planned, I ran the Central Park loop this morning, the whole thing, which pretty much goes parallel to the perimeter of the park, up to 110th St. or so and then back to Columbus Circle. I realized, which I should have known before, that most if not all of the east-side part of the loop is the last part of the NYC marathon course, so I had run much more of it before than I had realized. However todays run felt, not surprisingly, much different.

Today I was just happy to be out there. Central Park is beautiful, especially around this time of the year. There are landmarks all over the place hidden amongst the green, there are enough hills to make the course interesting, and lots of people. Add to that the NY Junior League races - a 5k and women only half-marathon - that were going clockwise on the loop while I was running counterclockwise, and the loop was hoppin'.

Although I don't want to compare the two and not taking anything away from Central Park, I also gained a new appreciation for the Schuylkill River loop. As a running course it holds its own against CP, and is better than any other urban running I can think of.

We're back in Philly. I won't bore y'all with all we did, but suffice to say my mother-in-law got a good slice of NYC and both her and C appeared to enjoy Mother's Day. I did a fair amount of logistical support for the weekend and realized that my CP run was the only self-absorbed thing in NYC that I did for myself.

Last thing, not running related, I'll put up here was pointed out on a college radio station show in the heart of Jersey that I picked up driving home. Blues songs very rarely mention mothers, and if they do it is only in double entendres and metaphors. Country songs, on the other hand, the "white man's blues", mention "Momma" all the time. David Allen Coe said it best, when he describes telling Steve Goodman you can't have the perfect country western song without singing about Momma, trains, prison, pickup trucks, and getting drunk. Why such a difference in genres?

Anyway, I should again say Happy Mothers day to my Mom, who I know reads this blog and should see it.

Oh yeah, the whole run was 6.5 miles in 51.56. This gives me exactly 50 miles for the week.


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