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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Legs Like Phillies

My legs had about as much offense in them this morning as the Phillies of late.

I drove these punchless wonders 11 miles around the Strawberry Mansion Bridge Loop. On the 3 MLK Drive miles I pushed a little faster each mile, hitting 7:45, then 7:15 and then 7:00, more for the mental aspect of the pushing than giving my legs much of an extra workout. And it was hard to find the traction to want to accelerate, when the world begged for some sort of justification for this apparently pointless ploy. But I plodded along, with each mile a bit faster than the last, and then sank back to mediocrity for the jaunt back home.

If you haven't picked it up already, I'm just glad to have this one done. 11 in 93:04.

But one bit of good news, the porta potties are back up along the drives. I don't ask much in return for my municipal tax money, but this is one exception.


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