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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New Loop

Ran an 8 mile loop w/ E this morning that I want to put in the regular repetoire. 43rd down to Powelton down to 40th over to Parkside up to 53rd/Jefferson/Upland (past the Acme Distribution Center) to 59th (across Lancaster and past Overbrook High) to Cedar and home. 8+ miles actually, ran it in 66:51. First half was conversational and then we kicked it up a gear once we hit 59th St.

If anybody is interested in the kind of stuff E & I talk about, check this site out. I won't tell you our position on "Operation Coffee Cup".

The course has got some nice hills, both up and down, in that they are not too steep but long enough so they will get you in an anaerobic zone. The course feels like there is much more uphill than downhill, leading us to compare it to the Escher drawing of the continuously ascending stairs. Another thing I like about this course is that there is a wooded area at the end of Parkside, just about at the point farthest from home, that accommodates those calls of nature that may come up on slightly irregular mornings.

God I sound old.


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