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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Can you hear me
that when it rains and shines
it's just a state of mind. - Lennon & McCartney

I was putting on my running shoes this morning when I heard pitter patter against the window. I have a phobia about running in rain, and will avoid doing so when possible. I know its irrational, but we all have our irrationalities. This however, went against one of my other irrational points, as I knew if I didn't run I would be hard pressed to make it up today and would mess up my mileage goals for the week.

What to do, what to do?

I bargained with myself. I'd run to Franklin Field and if the rain was unbearable I'd turn around. To my surprise when I dropped by E's house she was waiting there (she knows I'll usually blow off a wet run) although she had her head phones on. By then I knew I'd be okay and we ran the Acme loop. Rain was steady but not heavy and, as you may suspect, I didn't melt.

Its just a state of mind. 8 miles in 65:34.


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