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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Solar Powered

Ran out to the Art Museum to see who (if anybody) would be out there at 8:15. I blew by my usual checkpoints (curiously enough, each one in about 8:00 flat) and made it to the museum steps in 28 minutes (anytime I make it out there under 30 I'm happy). However nobody showed, so once again I was the 8:15 run.

This proved to be a dangerous thing. I set out to do the MLK/Kelly loop by myself. The first mile passed in 7:03, second in 6:55, third in 6:53 and the fourth in 6:36. I made no conscious effort to speed up the fourth mile, it was just one of those mornings when the pace came naturally. Now I wanted to see if I could keep up these negative splits. Over the bridge and back down Kelly, mile 5 went in another 6:36, then 6:32, then 6:24 and, now pushing the last mile, a 6:06. Negative splits all around the drives. First time I've ever done that.

This brought me back to the Art Museum steps, and I hung around and bullshitted a bit with the 9:30 folks. Ran a mile with IC, RD and a new guy before turning off and following the ass end of the Sweetbriar loop back home. Last mile felt tough, like it all caught up with me.

Hot and sunny today, and no fluid replenishment. Not usually optimum conditions for me, but today was one of those days where I wish I could bottle whatever it is that let me take my pace up a level. Its weird, on Tuesday I'm humping it to average 7:30s, and today 7 minutes feels like cruising pace. Gotta check my biorhythms again.

As a result of some spur of the moment turn of events, we're heading out to Rehoboth Beach in a few hours. I hate it when that happens. This means I'll miss the 5k I'd been writing about, but there is a 5 miler in Lewes tomorrow that I might run (although I probably blew my wad this morning). Either way, it looks like I should have no problem getting past 70 for the week.

When I write next time I should be a bit darker. 16+ miles in 1:55:03.


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