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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Running in Europe

from out my front door. That's what it feels like with day after day of cloudy, cool conditions and intermittent rain the last few days.

But I'm not complaining, at least not when I run. I ran the Strawberry Mansion Bridge loop again, at a much more brisk overall clip. I ran the first four miles at about the same sluggish pace I had been going, but once I hit MLK I picked it up to 7:20 and then dropped the pace a bit for each of the next three miles I spent along the Schuylkill. When I got up into Fairmount Park it was harder to tell the pace, but I made a point to keep going at a faster clip. So, bottom line, without doing anything hard or anaerobic, I sliced almost seven minutes off of the time I ran on Tuesday.

I also saw two deer this morning in Fairmount Park. While I'm not surprised to see them, I don't recall having seen deer in the park before. With my urban mindset, I initially thought the first one was a dog. But its a good omen, running like a deer. I'll take that with me to the 5k on Saturday.

12 miles in 92:45.


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