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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Doppel Looper

This is a term known only among Philly Runners circles denoting running the 8.5 mile loop around MLK and Kelly Drives twice: once with the 8:15 group and then again with the 9:30 group. Having done this now qualifies me for the "Doppel Looper" club, with membership needing to be renewed annually. As far as I know, only myself and RD are currently members.

It was also a triathlon of sorts. First leg was taking the car for a half mile to the shop for maintenance, then biking 3 miles to the Art Museum, running, biking back and driving home. I got held up in the transition, however, as the mechanic was still working on the car when I got back to the shop.

A terribly humid day to run. Had a good group on the 8:15 leg, with E, MS, Goat, TK and someone else who I am totally blanking on right now and its bothering me that I cant picture him. Anyway, this is a good group, all four I mentioned have the potential to get their times down quite a bit faster than what they are currently running. I timed the loop in 4 mile chunks, with the first two coming in at 32:10 and 31:09. Alot more folks out at 9:30, and I started out w/ IC, RD, B?, and KG, but IC wanted to do hills up in Fairmount and I thought it was too damn hot and humid to be doing this. The others all opted to go left, and I slogged out the last 7 on my own. The last 2 chunks in 28:31 and 28:10.

The problem with all this was that when I got home I had to leave immediately for T's little league final. Thus I smelled and felt really gross for most of the day. On top of that, T's team lost 8-4 (T went 2-3, batting in 3 of the runs and scoring the 4th).

This weather ain't supposed to be going nowhere. If I get a decent run in tomorrow I'll have 50 for the week and feel it to be salvaged. 17 in 2:06:32.


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