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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

J's Back

E & I had not gone a quarter mile when we heard a shout and J running to catch up with us. J had run with us for a few weeks back in the dead of winter, and it was nice to see her again as we took her through our Acme loop.

J says that she is alot more likely to get up at 6 in the summer because "you can't say you're going to go out and run later, because you won't." Can't argue with that on a day like this.

A run mostly to fulfill the obligation, and then laying low until the sticky weather breaks. 8 miles in a very sluggish 67:15.

Oh yeah, the costume entry from a few days back got some followup. IC sent me this link with a picture (scroll down) of his father running as Monica Lewinsky (no names are attached). Turns out that CM, a runner and graduate student in my program, is good friends with the guy in the fairy costume. She says he is responsible for countless pr's set by guys who have left it all on the course to avoid getting beat by him. And finally, the entry prompted a kind comment by Chelle, which I note both because it's still a novelty when I get comments and I enjoy reading her blog.


Blogger Bruce said...

Found your blog earlier this week and spent a little time scrolling through the entries. Enjoyed the ruminations and bookmarked it. Took less time to catch up with it today so thought I'd post a "hello."

I'm a Univ. City runner too, although a few years older and many weekly miles fewer than you. Appreciate knowing there's someone who understands what it's taken to slog it out this week after fantastic spring running weather.

1:07 PM  

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