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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Slow Moving Train

Consecutive day #392 in which the sun rising over Center City is barely noticeable through a milky haze.

No energy to run this morning, so I took it slow. Very slow. Also took some friends along - Hound Dog Taylor, Luther Allison, & U.P. Wilson. Allison was my favorite running companion of the three: his music has a driving beat of a locomotive to which I can just zone out and keep a steady pace (however slow). Thoughts drifted in and out of my head, and I would share some if I weren't pressed for time.

Music kept this run from becoming a death march. The pace was about 8:30 on MLK, but was often interrupted by traffic, detours, a porta potty stop, iPod adjustments, etc. Maybe this is how Galloway got started with his training method. The run just really seemed endless.

13 miles on the Falls River Bridge-Fairmount Park loop. My watch failed to start at the start of the run so mercifully the race wasn't timed.


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