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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Doppel Looper #2

Had planned to run out to the Art Museum and run with the 8:15 folks, but couldn't get out of the house on time.

Instead I biked down to the Art Museum and met up with the 8:15 folks, who consisted of SG and MD. I realized I forgot the key to my bike lock, so I left the bike unlocked behind some hedges and trusted in the brotherly love of our city. There was much activity going on here in preparation for next weeks Live 8 show.

SG and MD proved to be fine company, conversation was relaxed and light and the running was at an 8/8:15 pace. It was still cool on this loop around the Drives, and the sun was still low enough to where there was plenty of shade. The 2 four mile chunks (I stretched the loop to 8.5 miles) went by in 33:19 & 32:21.

We finished up in time to meet the 9:30 crowd, which was also a bit thin. IC provided company for my second time around the loop - which meant good conversation and a somewhat faster pace. We did the four mile chunks in 30:23 and 30:26 this time around. It was also noticeably hotter with considerably more sun.

All in all, 17 miles in 2:13:21. My legs were toast from the second mile on; I don't think I could have done it without the company. Or to put it another way, paying 17 miles was worth 2 hours of fine socializing.

And upon my return, my unlocked bike was sitting there waiting for me.

And, as a PS, IC and EM and various others are doing a trail run out by Reading tomorrow and a bunch more folks are doing the 1st Philly triathlon, which includes, gasp, swimming through the Schuylkill. Good luck to you all. I'm going to be out of town tomorrow, dropping off kids in NY and RI, otherwise I'd be in the cheering section.


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