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Sunday, July 31, 2005


I haven't posted since Wednesday, but for once that wasn't a sign of backsliding.

Thursday I indeed took the day off, mostly due to the class prep that had me up late Wednesday night.

Friday, I ran 5 1/2 miles in 45:21. I had to time it so that I was back by 7 am, as C & I had a 9 am flight to Montreal. C had some free USAir tix and it was the only weekend we had this summer to go somewhere while the kids are in Texas. It was a good choice of locations to do this. Montreal is close enough to make this feasible, and a great city to explore. C & I walked all over the place, stayed at a bed and breakfast near St. Louis Square, and left with warm feelings about the city and the time we spent there.

Fortunately the place at which we stayed was not to far from Mont Royal Park. This park, designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (also designed NYC's Central Park and San Fran's Golden Gate Park) is a wooded area around the largest elevation in the city (about 780 feet). I meant to run around the perimeter but unwittingly ended up on the trail that goes, in a very roundabout way, to the top. This meant 28:56 of running straight uphill and then 24:06 when I turned around and retraced my steps out of the park. Total time was 79:29, call it 10 miles conservatively. Running in the park was a bit like running on Forbidden Trail, as it is heavily wooded and you don't get much of a view on the top because of this.

Today I ran the Falls River Bridge loop around the drives for a total of 14.5 miles. Time was 110:47. I ran in the afternoon after we got back today. I was in a foul mood, as I usually am after returning from a trip, and this was a run to fulfill the obligation, making just about the minimum to be considered a long run. It was humid enough to be uncomfortable and otherwise uneventful. But it was important for me to run it as it reinforces my regained commitment towards training again.

Tallying it up, this week included runs of 10, 6, 9.5, 5.5, 10, and 14.5 miles for 55.5 miles for the week. Best week I've had in July, and now July is done. This week will be tricky as I will be in a training all week for Inside Out and both of the summer classes I'm teaching are wrapping up. If I hang on for this week then August should be less hectic.

Below are some pics of where I ran in Montreal. In the first pic, the cross is at the top, as taken from the statue of Our Lady of the High Five. Below are two other pictures of the trail near this point.


Blogger Scott said...

Glad you enjoyed your short time in Montreal, it's one of my favorite cities, and have walked, not run to Mont Royal Park. Good luck with Inside-Out. Going to prisons, with another program has been rewarding for me.

8:40 PM  
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