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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

From Crawling to Toddling

Overslept again this morning. Not surprising I guess as I was up late last night putting stuff together for the class I taught this afternoon.

But for the first time in weeks my mental gears were turning as I got up as to how I could fit a workout in today. This used to be SOP, and I'm glad to see the mindset is back.

I squoze in a workout over lunch. Because time was tight I did it on the hamster wheel. The heat and humidity outside had nothing to do with it. Right.

I had just enough time to squeeze in six, the first and the last as warmup/cooldown miles, with the treadmill maxed for the middle 4. 4 in 24 flat. Marathon pace. Still can't picture doing another 22 at that pace, but happy to be up there again. I felt I was pushing it, which is a good feeling in and of itself. Second day in a row for that. Pacing today was courtesy of Hound Dog Taylor on the iPod. Totals are 6 in 39:04.

When I finished I was so drenched with sweat I may as well have ran outside. And made it to my office with 5 minutes to spare before the conference call.

Four days in a row. Its coming back!


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