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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Only Mad Dogs and Marathon Runners. . .

run around in the noonday sun.

Thought last night that it was high time to get back to the track, so I planned out a track workout for noon today.

In heading over to the ARC, I realized how warm it was and that I maybe should have checked a weather forecast. But I sucked it up and decided to head out to Franklin Field anyway. As a precaution I took a water bottle with me. says it is 92 degrees out. I jogged the 1.25 miles to the FF track getting myself psyched to run mile intervals and was ready to go when I got there only to see that they were still shooting a movie there. A few weeks back I wrote of how they were assembling dummies outside of FF to be used to make up spectators, and today they were in full action filming. I was going to go up to a cop to ask him about this when I realized that his uniform wasn't quite right and realized that he was a movie cop. I peeked into the field from the South St. gate and saw what looked like a big crowd in the stands, but looked closer and saw it was the dummies. Anyway, a security guard said they were making a movie about the Eagles and Jim Capaldi. I asked who he was and she shrugged her shoulders. Later on I realized where I heard the name - he played with Stevie Winwood in the band Traffic. So I don't know what this movie is about, all I know is the track will be closed until August 22.

This created the immediate problem of what to do. Like I said, it takes some effort to get me psyched to do these bloody track workouts, and there was a palpable letdown when I realized that it wasn't going to happen. So I decided to slog the Sweetbriar route with the stipulation that I could go as slow as I wanted, and even threw in a few Gallowalks to make sure that I wouldn't be doing this loop for time. I pretty much held up my end of the bargain, as I clocked the MLK mile in 8:40 and the whole 8ish mile run in 71:15. Sunny hot run solely to fulfill the obligation.

The more long term problem is that I need to stop running and start training again. I need some track work to see what kind of shape I'm in, and also for some practice for two meets (each of the next two Tuesdays) sponsored by the Wissahickon Wanderers and then also need to get in shape for the Stone Harbor Lions 10k at the end of this month, where I'll be running as part of the Phila Athletic Charities track club. PAC is the only outfit around that has got guys my age who run faster than me, so I figure if I cant beatem then join them. We'll see where it goes.


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gallowalks! oh, the humanity!

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