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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It Takes A Village. . .

To train for a marathon.

I turned in the grades for this summer course that has been my nemesis for the past month, and true to form I was still finishing this up at 7 am (grades were due in at 10 am) when E and PB must have been finishing up the run I should have been part of.

But I managed to hook up with IC this evening. We met at 6 at the Art Museum and ran up Lemon Hill, over the Girard Bridge and up Belmont to do the Bloody Nipple backwards and then over the Falls Bridge and down Kelly Drive back to the AM.

I run w/ IC rarely enough to where its a treat when I do. He was in good form yesterday and I wasn't, so I was hanging onto his ass with a rope toward the end as we cranked out a sub 7 pace. But the conversation was such that I didn't think of how badly I was dying. What more can one ask for?

IC said he'd sueandpaul the distance, and in the meantime I'm calling it 10 in 71:52.


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