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Friday, August 05, 2005

End of the Week

Hard to believe that its Friday already. As I've mentioned previously, I've been participating in a training all week that has yet again interfered with my running. But that's okay as the training has been a remarkable experience that I feel like writing about at length but wont as it strays a bit far from running. I will however, post this link if anyone wants to see press coverage on this program.

I did run on Wednesday and also this morning. Both times E & I hooked up with PB, whose here from England taking a class for 3 weeks at Penn. We've taken him on our usual routes through the parts of Philly not seen by tourists that often, and he's been real game about following us around and listening to us spout our various blather about Philadelphia. In return, he asks good, basic questions that make you think. We talked about the comparative murder rates in Philly and London, and I remembered that when we were in Montreal, a city with a population (1.8 mill) a little larger than Philly (1.5 mill), the news had a story of a homicide and mentioned it was the city's 14th of the year. In comparison, Philly marked its 213th homicide of the year a few days ago.

E said she was running out by Mount Mariah Cemetary on Tuesday and saw police searching for a body of a woman who'd disappeared and whose story has attained a high media profile. She said that the police had trouble handling the cadaver sniffing dogs in the cemetary. Duh!

Anyway, it continues to be humid. Thursday did an extended Acme loop, 10 miles in 76:55, and we'll call it 9.5 this morning, going out down to Penn, out to Cobbs Creek, and home via Warrington Ave. in 74:45.


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