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Monday, August 01, 2005

Fortress of the Flying Monkeys

I'll get to the title in a minute.

I'll make this post brief as I have to finish a class prep tonight and I'd like to get to bed at only a fairly unreasonable hour.

This is the last crazy week, but it will probably be crazier than I thought. I just got back from Inside Out training, which has started by living up to expectations. But the travel back and forth to the boonies and the classes and related stuff will make it tough to get a full running week in.

Anyway, E and I made a detour to meet PB, a guy we hooked up with on the web who is in Philly for a few weeks, but jet lag got the better of him. So we continued on our Acme loop. The heat and humidity are back, although it wasn't as bad as its been. There was a foreboding mist looming over West Philly this morning, looking as if rain was imminent. From the north side of Lancaster, Overbrook High School was shrouded in the stuff, and looked somewhat like the lair of the flying monkey's in the wizard of Oz.

Hope I get at least a few miles in tomorrow, we shall see.


Blogger Scott said...

O-Re-O! I like your imagery. It does have that visual in the mist.

8:33 AM  

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