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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Surge Suppression

This was my second run in the last 12 hours. Met E and then PB and headed out on the 36th St. version of the Acme Loop. This took us up a previously unexplored stretch of Mantua Ave. between 36th and 40th Streets that features particularly picturesque renditions of urban decay. One of these runs I'm going to bring my digital camera along and this'll be one of the places I'll take pictures. One of the plusses of this loop is that I don't think we've ever run it the same way twice.

PB kept E and I on our toes (literally) today, as he kept surging ahead. I kept thinking this boy needs to get schooled but kept waiting until further along in the loop. By the time we were close to the finish I just figured I'll show him next time.

I'm not going to measure this course, but it should safely be 9 miles, run this morning in 72:17.


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