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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Getting the Groove Back

I just went through my blog entries from the last 6 weeks and updated my log. My log is a basic Excel spreadsheet that I made a few years back and it, like most of my other stuff, was held hostage by a failed hard drive for which I had to cough up a ransom and now am going about gradually reinstalling and rearranging stuff on my PC.

So while my training was less than stellar I also felt like I was training through a fog, as I lacked a big picture in which to fit my everyday workouts (or lack thereof). So today I went back and did the depressing task of filling in all the DNRs that accumulated, esp. in July. For once I won't bore you with numbers, but see that I have accumulated half a mile less this year than I had at this point in '04, and actually have about 15 miles more accumulated than in '03, which is the year in which I had run the most miles. If I remember correctly, last year around this time I started lapsing into IT band problems which, while not disabling, led me to cut down in mileage for fear that it would get worse, which it never did. So if I stay healthy this fall and train regularly, I should still have a good year mileage wise.

Considering I have about the same training as I did last year also gives me hope for the PDR this year. I managed to go sub 1:16 last year, and I'd be thrilled to do that again this year. But this year is different in several respects, and I also have several races in between to both gauge my fitness and to potentially wear me out. I'll take them one at a time, first being Tuesday's track meet, in which I'm ready to do a bit better and incur some revenge after last week.

All this blather and I haven't even gotten to today's run. I hooked up with IC and his friend J this morning to do 18. IC was torn between me, whom he felt he was slowing down and J, who consistently lagged behind us although we were at about a 9 minute pace. This made for an interesting workout. The pace was nice in the beginning as my legs are pretty beat up from this week's mileage. Easing into a pace that was just that, ease-y, was very relaxing and let me do start this run out in a very comfortable zone as we chugged up Kelly Drive. After awhile it did get slow and I figured I'd go 81 for 9 miles and then turn around and see how much faster I could do the back 9. We went up Kelly, through Manayunk and up the towpath past Shawmont and the trailer homes along the Schuylkill and I turned around about 5 minutes after IC and J at the base of some industrial park. I started the back part at what felt like about 8 minute pace and gradually upped the pace. When I got back to the marked Kelly miles I hammered it but alas, the hammer was a bit muted as the last 3 miles went by in 19:51. No way I was gonna get it down to marathon pace this morning. Ran into (literally) RL during the cooldown, who I used to run with before he moved out of Philly. . . and now he's back.

God I'm blabbing on today. The run was challenging in that, in the spirit of a long run, I was on my feet for a long time and, at the same time, I pushed the pace pace a bit. I'm coming back. The log, too, brought back that training feeling.


Blogger ian said...

Thanks for the company on Saturday. Encouragingly, JR actually picked it up on the way back (at least until the last 3 miles). I tried to throw in a low six mile or two...nothin' doin. Next week, doppler nippler?

8:32 AM  

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