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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Same Weather, Different Day

Was proud of myself for getting out to run at 8 am this morning, though running conditions were already tough. Went with C to the Drives, C walked and I ran. I felt morally superior as I ran into RD at Lloyd Hall when I was done and he was starting. But then I had to swallow my pride later in talking to JG who said he went out at 6:30 this morning. But regardless of the time, the weather sucked.

I figured I wouldn't get myself up to do speed, so I did hills instead. Hills are easier to regulate exertion, as you just increase speed until you get the breathing difficulty level desired. This probably sounds weird, but I have a rating scale for this upon which I can peg my exertion with the appearance of reliability. Running hills hard also makes me glad I took LaMaz (sp?) classes, as I use the breathing exercises they teach. Didn't do Cindy a lick of good, as all that went out the window as soon as labor kicked in, but it has stayed with me. Anyway, I took one of IC's copyrighted courses that featured a medley of greatest hills in that area - Lemon Hill, the Lansdowne Ave. hill, the hill off MLK up and over Ford Road, (of course) the Bloody Nipple, and the Ford Rd hill itself down to Strawberry Mansion Bridge and then over to Edgeley Field. Call it 9.5 in 74:51.

I haven't added it all up, but it gives me about 75 miles for this week. That puts me back in the zone, especially on such an unforgiving week such as this one was. Goal this week is to keep building on it, and work in the speed. Oh yeah, and not to embarrass myself too badly on Tuesday.


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