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Friday, August 26, 2005

Daylight Saving Time

The sun was not quite up yet this morning when I met E. I commented how this was a sign of fall, and the darkness would progress to where we would again be starting our runs in the dark.

E commented on how daylight saving time was scheduled to last longer in the fall as part of the new energy bill. The early morning runner lobby was obviously not consulted on this, as it means more running in the darkness for us. Discussion quickly passed on to the general absurdity of this bill as an energy saving measure. A quick google of "daylight saving time" and "energy bill" showed, predictably, a bunch of news stories on this topic. Its remarkable how even such a minor factor creates this huge rigamarole and then, in a more sinister vein, how this DST change brilliantly diverts attention from the real aims of the energy bill, including consumption as usual and the quiet transfer of billions of dollars to various energy interests. So I'll be thinking about these outrages once darkness really hits. But then I see that this DST change won't hit until 2007. So not only is it a dubious sacrifice, but a dubious sacrifice deferred way into the future.

Wow, with that rant I feel like I'm really blogging. It also makes me realize what a slow day it is otherwise. E and I ran the Acme loop but, amidst a strong fermenting smell around the distribution center, we decided to extend the loop out on Jefferson/54th to Wynnefield and loop back around on Overbrook to 59th. We got a bit disoriented as 59th at one point becomes 57th St., but there was the familiar hulking fortress of Overbrook High to orient us. Total per sueandpaul was 9.3 miles, time was 78:11. That has gotta be a short measure.

Got a nice comment from MS, who somehow stumbled on yesterday's blog entry. MS lives down the street and we ran together a little bit back in the day before she had twins and I started upping my mileage. Good luck with your relapse into running.


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