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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Loneliness of LD Running

I slept in (relatively speaking) this morning. Glad I did.

Several folks are fixing to get together at the Art Museum at 6pm to run, but I chose to run on my own over my lunch hour and then work a bit later to get in a full workday. The main reason I did this was not that I'm antisocial but I knew I wouldn't get in my marathon pace miles running with a group.

So I went out by myself, and left my iPod at home as I knew it too would impede a serious workout. I ran the 11.5 mile version of the Strawberry Mansion Bridge loop from USP, taking the 3 MLK miles at marathon pace. This is an easier version of the tempo workouts I've done in previous marathon training cycles, as in the past I've substituted tempo for marathon pace (about 15-20 secs per mile faster) and run that for a bit longer. I'll work up to that, however I had all that I could handle today.

The first mile went by in 6:10, leading me to mentally wring my hands as to how I couldn't get my pace down under 6. However I harnessed the power in my self-pity to get mile 2 down in 5:55 and mile 3 in 5:52, giving me a total of 17:57 for the 3 miles, or 3 seconds under my goal time. I also was happy with negative splitting each mile and recovering after a slow start. So training is continuing to come along. After I got nice and out of breath on this part the next segment goes up the Ford St. hill and then its a long but easy cruise back to USP. Beautiful day to run although still a bit on the hot side. I didn't hydrate well this morning so I got to take notes as my body progressed through initial stages of dehydration (nothing serious). Total time 93:13.

So while I missed the company, I'm glad I got this workout in, which went a long way toward getting back the marathon training rhythm. Now I have to decide whether to sacrifice mileage in the upcoming days so as to be sufficiently rested for Sunday's Stone Harbor 10k, or whether to "train through" it and then do a mini taper for next week's R&R half marathon. My inclination is to make the latter the target race, and to use this Sunday's race as a barometer for how I'll do.

Oh joy, racing season mindset is upon me again.


Blogger melinda said...

Hi Steve, just came across your blog as I was searching for running blogs to keep me motivated as I get in shape post- twin pregnancy. Great blog! Good luck in your upcoming races...Your neighbor, Melinda

8:36 PM  

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