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Friday, September 02, 2005

Wake of the Flood

Still feeling very affected by everything in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. I sat this morning reading the NY Times coverage and pushed my run back a half hour in taking in the physical and social unraveling of a major US city. Again a distinct sense of depression accompanied me into the run.

The mental malaise was accompanied by a variety of physical aches and pains. Nothing serious but initial stiffness gave way to some aches around the knees, tightness in the calves, and a general weariness that made me glad that the half marathon wasn't being run today. This could still be the effects of Tuesday's track workout, but after taking the day off yesterday I thought that my legs would be in better shape.

So we're driving down to Virginia Beach for the Rock n Roll half marathon this afternoon. We'll stay at my sisters tonight, at a hotel in Norfolk tomorrow night, and go back up to my sisters on Sunday night. Strategy is to start out running 6's, and hopefully pick up speed as the race progresses. This may, however, be one of those goals that I think is conservative but may in fact be more than I can handle. But on the other hand, I don't want to go out any slower than that. After today, I'm not optimistic that I'll run a great time, but it will again give me an idea of where I'm at and what I can realistically expect for this fall's marathon.

Today's loop was the 8-mile Sweetbriar loop, run in 65:31.


Blogger ian said...

Go get 'em Seebo. Looking forward to an LBRR.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Me too. Sometimes we wake up to find out that we are the eyes of the world. Ditto Ian.

8:51 AM  

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