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Saturday, September 10, 2005

20 miler #1

First one of this marathon training cycle. Went to the Art Museum and met up with MD, JW and SK. MD joined us for the first five, and I dragged the other two around the 18 mile West Philly loop that I described 2 weeks ago in this blog (title - "It don't come easy").

Its invaluable to have good company on these long runs, and good company I did have. I feel like an evangelist as I sing the virtues of West Philly running as these guys have no choice but to follow me because they haven't a clue where they are. We ran the loop at a decent 8 mile clip, and I added two MLK miles at the end of the loop to make it 20. 2:47:37.

I'm noticing that the comments are getting spammed up. Too bad but not surprising. I expect it will get worse and that function will become useless. Oh well. T tells me the Phillies just blew their lead against the Marlins, time to go back to watching the game.


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