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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Run Like Hell

I've been getting inspiration from that line recently, I guess its become a mantra of sorts. Run like everything depended upon it, with every fiber of your body, like something was chasing you and gaining. Run like Phidippides, so you can get to Athens and utter the first product endorsement in history.

Ran up to Belmont Plateau to run with the Devils, ran BP with the Devils, and then ran back to USP. The cross country team rode up and back in vans. No one wanted to run back with me. If I were a college cross country runner and some guy twice my age were running instead of driving, I'd be keeping up with him if it killed me. Run like hell.

The way out was a test drive of sorts. I went balls to the wall from 34th & Market up to the zoo, across Girard and onto Lansdowne Dr., and then right on North Concourse to the stop sign just before the Civil War Memorial. This is the hilliest stretch of the Philly marathon route, and my goal is to get on intimate terms with it in the next 8 weeks. This stretch is exactly two miles long, and I nailed it 11:41 - sub marathon pace by a bit. Run like hell.

Hooked up with the team at Belmont and ran a half-fast 5 mile course. It was hot and I was grateful for the water that they brought. Course time, at 35:58, is about a minute slower than last week. Ran again with JA and JH. They got a meet on Saturday, be curious to see how they do. JA is running really well. My most vivid memory was on the second time in the woods on the 5mile course, going down a hill, jumping over a little stream and landing on the incline up the other side so as to just wrench my Achilles. Slow, easy run back to USP. Total time for a long 12 was 104:59. Got that achy feeling in my legs. Run like hell.

One more note, of interest probably only to myself. I woke up this morning weighing 179, about normal, and weighed in at 172 after today's run.


Blogger Sean said...

Excellent job on the training. I am from Boston, but running Philly in November as well. I am 24 and challenged my 30 yr old brother that lives in Orlando to meet me up in Philly to run it. This will be the first one for both of us. Well keep up the training and stay injury free. See ya in November.


6:46 PM  
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