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Friday, September 16, 2005

Ewwww, Sports

Words of wisdom this morning from my daughter, uttered in telling me how she can't understand why one of her friends is running cross country. Just as the businessman's daughter joins a commune, or the hippie's son becomes an Amway salesman, I suppose this is my lot.

It was soooo difficult to get out of bed this morning, which means it must be Friday. Neither E nor I were in the mood to expend much energy, so we did an Art Museum loop in the spirit of tapering for Sunday's race. The traffic helped us out here as it seems we got stalled on every intersection behind a red light and looking at a line of cars. More energy was spent venting on the Bush Administration's handling of Katrina than on maintaining any kind of pace. Call it a long 6 in 54:26.


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