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Monday, September 12, 2005

Bacme Loop

If you run the Acme loop backwards does it become the nadir loop?

I wanted to try the loop backwards because I drove south on Saturday on the stretch of 40th St. that this loop covers and was amazed by the many things I did not notice, including a beautiful mural overlooking a community garden. So we inverted our usual directions and the loop did seem different, particularly the hills and noticing stetches of our run that either go up or down without our noticing when we go the usual way. 40th St. was a bit different, but not as much as I thought looking from the car.

ES also joined us today. She matches the preferred profile of people who run with us - fast, overeducated and tired of running the Drives. ES came to Philly rather recently so the backroads of West Philly were new to her. Hopefully we didn't scare her off and she will show up again on Wed. E says that TK and K? also have committed to showing on Wed morning, which would give us a veritable W. Philly running club, but I won't believe TK is gonna show until I see his butt, ready to run, on E's front porch.


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Okay, actually this comment isn't spam...good to see you out on Saturday. Sorry I missed the 20.

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