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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Running with the Devils

Ran over lunch hour today with USP's Cross Country team. USP sports teams are nicknamed the Devils - hence the entry title.

We all rode up to Belmont Plateau and did the men's 5-mile course. I ran in the lead group with JH, a senior with whom I had run regularly in the Spring, and JA, USP's top female runner who set a USP best for 6,000 meter time (at any meet) last week with a 24:20. It was fun to run the Belmont course, which is storied if not legendary in Philadelphia running circles, although the steep uphills and screaming downhills did little to help my already tender Achilles tendons. Ran the 5 mile course half-fast in 34:55. Then ran back to USP for another 3.5 miles in 30:15.

I stopped for water after finishing the Belmont part of the run, and my muscles were tight for the run back to USP. Otherwise it was not a particularly strenuous workout, at least by Thursday standards. Thats okay, as I'm now in mini-taper for Sundays Philadelphia Distance Run.


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