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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Home Field Advantage

C & I went out to the Art Museum this morning, C to walk and me to see who was out there. The only person who showed up at 8:15 was SK, which was fortuitous as he, like I, is running PDR tomorrow and was not looking for anything strenuous. So we ran the loop around the drives. These 8.5 miles comprise about 8/13's of the PDR course, so as we were stretching our legs we were also previewing the course. Not that we needed to do so, as we both know every bump and pothole on the bloody loop, but I guess we can rest assured that no seismic shift altered the course any in the last week.

One big part of the home field advantage. This along with being able to sleep in my bed, eat my own food, and know where to park and avoid the ridiculous delays I had to deal with before the R&R half two weeks ago.

In the spirit of saving ourselves for tomorrow, we both took it very slow around the drives, doing the whole 8.5 mile loop in 73:35. Interesting to note that, short of a death march, that is about the slowest I'll run, and it comes out to about an 8:30-9:00 pace judging by the markers along the loop. This helps when I'm judging distances on unmarked courses and continues to have me wary of the accuracy of the online mapping sites.

As it was slow, the run was chattier than usual as well. First half was spent talking running, second half was spent talking football, of which my knowledge has become woefully outdated, to the point to where I don't know who the top college football teams are this year.

Met up w/ C again at the end and also said hi to the 10 or so Philly Runners out for the 9:30 run. There are 8 PDR teams (5 persons each) signed up to run PDR tomorrow. That is very impressive. As for me, my goal tomorrow is to run faster than I did in Virginia Beach, and keep it at that. Of course a part of me hopes that everything will come together and I'll have a much better day than that, but we'll see. And of course I'll post the details tomorrow.


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