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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

West Philly Phlashers,

West Philly Striders, West Philly Roadrunners. . .

We had four people running this morning (me, E, K?, and TK). Thats a record and should meet the minimum to form a club. Now we just have to come up with a name.

Nicest running morning of the year. Hands down. Sunny with the temperature cool enough to where I just sweated a little. We took off down to Cobbs Creek and when I suggested we keep going down to Woodland, everyone agreed. The bike path on Cobbs Creek is wide enough to accommodate all four of us shoulder to shoulder, but by that point we were largely quiet, with conversation only in sporadic bursts. About a half mile from home, back on 46th St., my legs started complaining. So todays 9 miles (77:19) was just about right.

My only brainflash of the morning was in response to everyone complaining how nasty the sports drink tasted at PDR. I don't drink while I race so I didn't try it, but it struck me how one expectation now of "sports drink" is that its supposed to taste good. To that I wondered if you take a 25 year old sample of Gatorade and compared it to a sample just bought, I bet the taste of the old stuff would be considered bad. All the replenishment ingredients can't taste good, so Gatorade has pretty much gone ahead and made a soft drink, so when a real replenishment drink comes along everybody gags. So my response is to go the extra step and just give out Kool Aid at the water stops.

There, I feel better. Now I can go to work.


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