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Monday, September 19, 2005

Hair of the Dog

Ran 4 today, easy. Franklin Field loop with 2 laps. Just to keep running and to gauge the extent of my aches and pains. Judging from the run I'm in good shape. Put Charley Patton on the iPod, great blues but not great running music.

For anyone interested, I sueandpaulled the half marathon course, figuring this would be a way to measure the accuracy of the mapping distances to a gold standard. Came out to 13.2 miles. Can't complain about that accuracy, so I guess its more me than the technology when I have my differences over how long a course was.

One other thought I had today, as I'm still on a high from yesterdays race, was how much more I ran "my" race instead of a strategy that seems more rational on paper but doesn't work for me. I don't speed up in later stages of the race, or at least I can't depend on it. I start out at an ambitious clip and if I figure it right I lock into that pace and hang on. I did that yesterday, whereas in Virginia Beach I looked to take it easy and then speed up later. I don't think I've ever done that. Maybe that's why I never felt like McMillan's coaching approach was for me.

I'm also thinking of running Philly marathon this year instead of Memphis. Not so much because of yesterdays race but because its not worth the money to truck the whole family down to Memphis for a long weekend. I'm not committed anyway yet, but can bump up my training so I'll be ready for Philly, which is in mid November.

And lastly, thanks to the folks who have communicated their good wishes to me re. yesterday.


Blogger ian said...

Sounds like you're coming to the same conclusions about planning a race that I am. I think about Ndereba's race in Boston--she sure as hell didn't plan to fall 2:00 behind at the half. But she listened to her body and ran the race she had in her. It worked out pretty well.

8:54 AM  

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