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Monday, October 16, 2006

Distance over Time

Just me and KJ/Silas this morning in the chilly darkness. We headed down Spruce/South St. to the bike path and the Art Museum, debriefing on our racing over the weekend. KJ placed second in the Eastern State Penitentiary Great Breakout 5k, pr’d (18-twenty something?) and scored some good shwag in the form of some restaurant certificates. What more can one want? The course went through Girard College campus, which I’ve never been on the inside of though on several occasions I’ve run along the walls on its perimeter. It would have been worth the race fee alone to see that. I heard that some guy spouting Foucault won the race.

Silas chimed in at about the Art Museum, looking to get out of the stroller. He calmed down again but we picked up the pace to get home, and almost made it before he started up again. The two then went home and I went into stage 2, slapping Carbon Leaf on the iPod and throwing it down a gear. I took it out to Cobbs Creek and went back down Cedar Ave to get another 3.5 miles and make the morning workout an even 10. Did not time this run but I would guess it averaged 7/7.5 minute pace.

I thought this morning of the mileage I lost this weekend, and remember another thing I learned: how little mileage track guys seem to do. The track guys on the Philly AC team marveled that I’ve been logging 80 mile weeks, I was surprised that they didn’t. The guys I try to emulate get up to 100 or 110 miles a week, I only think that I’m starting to get serious when I hit 90. But I guess you don’t need that many miles to go around the track twice. That’s also been the reason why Kevin F. has been disappointed with his recent road race times. He’s turned to the dark side (i.e., track racing) this year and, at 30 or 40 miles a week, he just can’t build enough endurance to run 13.1 miles fast. And I guess that’s why I don’t run anything less than 5k; because at that distance I feel I’m only starting to warm up. And, besides, putting in the mileage is the best part of this whole bloody business.

Under the wire,
I'm a train down the line.
Nothing left to lose or gain,
But distance over time.
(Carbon Leaf)


Blogger jim said...

seebo - I was thinking about you today as I was listening to my iPod. A song came on by Philly's own King Britt titled, appropriately, Cobbs Creek. Made me think of the few Saturday West Philly runs I've gone out for...hope to join you guys again soon.

10:24 PM  

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