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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

An Argument Against Intelligent Design

Although I'm reluctant to speak of such issues, I was 5 minutes late to meet E because I was sitting, fruitlessly, on the toilet and then, less than a half a mile into the run, I gotta go. You'd figure if an intelligent being designed the universe she'd have provided us enough control over our bowel functions to be able to go before a 10 mile run.

Did I say 10 miles? More like 11+ today. KJ laid out the course, which took us up to 54th St (an interesting street I've never before run down) up to Lancaster, and then 52nd to St. Georges Hill behind the Mann Center. That hill was a rude awakening from a previously sleepy run discussing the 10th anniversary of the OJ verdict. We were rewarded by scenes of mist wafting over beautifully verdant meadows (really) and a deer contentedly (at least he looked that way) grazing under a tree. But then we got back into familiar territory I realized we were headed for Strawberry Mansion Bridge and a bit more mileage than I had planned on.

Leaving MLK to head up Lansdowne was the point at which my legs again got that nagging soreness I described yesterday. We still made it in at a good pace, but my heart wasn't into the run from then on. It wasn't so much the course, which would have been fine and even enjoyable on most other days, but it just didn't suit where my legs were at today.

And I'm supposed to put in a track workout tomorrow. I don't know how I will do that given the state of my legs, a busy day, and the Distance Classic on Sunday. But I'll figure it out.

11-plus miles in 90:44.


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Blogger Scott said...

A #2 argument against Intelligent Design. Thanks for the chuckle.

11:46 PM  

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