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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Crossing Cobbs Creek

Got home from Baltimore this afternoon from a conference I spent yesterday and part of today at. Wanted to get two easy runs in yesterday but did not go out in the morning rain and then must have stayed at the only business type hotel that has a fitness center without a treadmill in it? WTF? Harbor Suites - if you're ever in Baltimore, be warned. Then again, maybe it was the act of a benevolent higher power who knew I needed a rest day.

So when I got home I decided to map a route into a heretofore unexplored vector. On the few occasions I've gone over Cobbs Creek into Delaware County I've stayed pretty close to the county line. This time I plotted a course deeper in. This had me go into Yeadon, Lansdowne (with a little detour to see the sights), and Darby. Deep enough in to where I got lost as I missed my intended turn off of Lansdowne Ave. and, for what I think is a first, I actually cut a mile off my planned course by going astray. Then it was back across the Creek and home on Chester & Kingsessing Aves.

10.5 miles in 79:47.

Tomorrow's the Chicago Marathon. Want to give a shout out to my peeps that are running it - John "JohnDubs" Wesner, Ryan Ward, and, all the way from England, Paul Burton. Root for John and Paul to run 3:10 or under, their ticket to Boston. Zeke, whom I know virtually, will be running Chicago as well. Of course I wish them all the best.


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